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What change do you need to drive in your organisation?

Positive Deviant

In every organisation, community or team, there will always be those who are achieveing better results than their peers without any advantages. These are positive deviants, and by amplifying the unique traits accross organisations, we can accelerate the change of delivery

The approach

that gives more

At Positive Deviant, we not only focus on your organisation. we focus on you. Each and every individual is an important part of the overall success.

Increased capacity to deliver customer value

Creativity & innovation

People capable of accelerating delivery of critical work

More sustainable transformative changes

More effective meetins

Increased empowerment and engagement of staff

The Benefits

When you work with us, you will ask yourself why you didn’t try this earlier. The benefits simply outway any hesitations you might have.

Great Value

We offer tailor made packages to suit your individual needs.

Increased Engagement

Your staff will be more involved and motivated to the work  you need.

Capacity Building

Embed the skills in your business to maintain optimal efficiency.

Long Term Savings

Save more by getting your business running smoothly.

What do you need

Your organisation will never be the same again! Learn from some of the best in the business on how to create meaningful change.

Project Management

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills and techniques to execute projects effectively and efficiently. It’s a strategic competency for organisations, enabling them to tie project results to business goals. Positive Deviant follows Project Management Institute methodology.

Operation Readiness

Operational Readiness Programme: Positive Deviant runs an operational readiness programme targeted at teams and key talent within organisations. This is a bespoke offering building those capabilities that are most relevant to your organisation.

Change Management

Positive Deviant leads change by building “change management” capability in your key talent. This means key skills are left in your team that will make the change sustainable. If we haven’t helped you on your way to becoming self sufficient in these core skills, we would have failed.

Performance Management

We will help you set up a performance management system that will help you gain control of your operations, fast.

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