Positive Deviant helps organisations develop capabilities, mindsets and behaviours that lead to improvements in organisational performance.

Excellence in Project Delivery

We build excellence in execution of projects; delivering projects by partnering with talent from your business building in them delivery skills   – Project Set-up, Project Planning, Project Execution & Controlling, Project Closing

Enhancing Performance Management

We build proficiency of set up use of PM in people who efficiently manage daily operations and spread the capability to others. – Strategy development deployment, problem solving, coaching, visual performance, meeting management, escalation of issues, prioritisation

Running Organisational Change

Making organisational change sustainable engage by co creating solution with key talent in business giving them skills to diagnose and deliver complex organisational change. – Organisational Diagnostics, Solution design, Implementation and Embed for sustainability

Maintaining Operational Readiness

Positive Deviant runs an operational readiness programme targeted at key talent within organisations. This is a bepoke offering developing those capabilities that are most relevant to your organisation. – Project, performance & change management.

Executive Coaching

We provide coaching support executives taking them from good to great



1:1 Coaching Performance 


New Executives

1:1 Coaching Program designed for new leadership



Group Leadership Programs designed for new or established leaders

Capacity Building

We help organisations build capacity in key management capabilities  through experiential learning programs


Performance Measurement

Making performance visible to guide decision making & reporting


Strategic Alignment

All activity clearly aligns to an over arching big picture


Risk Management

Anticipating the future by having in place robust risk management


Coaching & Mentoring

Implementing practices that build capability and contribute to making it sustainable


Establishing Governance Structures

Making sure that systems and processes that support good decision making are in place


Strategic Planning

Building capabilities in implementation


Problem Solving

Fast resolution of meaty organisational issues that are getting in the way of better performance

Change Programs

We help you deliver change programs by providing high quality  change specialists able to lead or support programs


New Systems

Systems change projects


New Structure

Organisational Design Projects


New Culture Change

Organisational Culture Projects


New Processes

Process Change Projects

Project Management

A leader must be able to understand if his team, department or organisation is winning or losing. We’ve witnessed teams that had no idea whether their heroic efforts were translating into real benefits. “If you’re not keeping score, you’re just practicing.”

Performance Management

A leader must be able to understand if his team, department or organisation is winning or losing. We’ve witnessed teams that had no idea whether their heroic efforts were translating into real benefits. “If you’re not keeping score, you’re just practicing.”

Performance management helps an organisation:

-Understand whether a team or whole organisation is winning or losing by making performance visible
-Puts in place KPIs that are reliable predictive of future outcomes
-Drives decisions and action when tactical delivery is falling behind
-Problem solve
-Provides a mechanism for escalation of unresolved issues

Change Leadership

Change management is an approach to transitioning individuals, teams and organisations to a desired future state that describes better organisation performance. Two key points to remember:


Transition to a future state requires transforming organisation Systems, Processes, Organisational Structures as well as people capability.


Sustainable change is achieved by engaging the people impacted throughout the different stages of the change.

Positive Deviant leads change by building “change management” capability in your key talent. This means key skills are left in your team that will make the change sustainable. If we haven’t helped you on your way to becoming self-sufficient in these core skills, we would have failed.

Capacity Building

Approach: – Help intact teams accelerate the delivery of their strategy in order to ensure success now and to grow and prosper their part of the business in years to come. – We use a pragmatic, learn-by-doing approach, building leadership capability focused on an organisations values and behaviours and building organizational capability in the areas of change management, continuous improvement and project management. – We will accomplish this through providing an organized program of intensive development support to a number of projects selected for accelerated delivery, enabling learning to occur while the work is conducted.
Overall outcome of the programme: – To do so, our operational readiness programme embeds within organisations structured, disciplined ways of working which build greater skill and capability within the organization for managing strategic change, enabling consistent progress, and delivering our strategic priorities faster.
Target population: – Suitable for intact teams.
  • Training 10% 10%
  • Coaching 20% 20%
  • On the job 70% 70%

In 2009 the NHS spent £300M on external consultancies

The Guardian, 20th August 2010

What if more consultancies taught their clients how to fish rather than handing out fish? That would be Positively Deviant. There are too many consultancies giving organisations fish, rather than teaching them how to fish.