About Positive Deviant

Our success is measured by the extent to which we embed new capabilities and ways of working into your organisation.

Antonio Belgrave

Managing Director

Tony is a senior organisation development consultant with expertise in facilitating individuals and organisations through change and growth.

During a career spanning 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, successfully delivered a myriad of change projects.  These projects were varied in size and technical complexity. He has worked for a number of companies including Novartis, Astra, SmithKline Beecham, but spent the lion share of his career at GlaxoSmithKline. In the latter part of his 12-year career at GSK, he became the Head of Performance Management for Supply Chain Transformation. Prior to this, he worked as the Director of transformation for GSK UK.  In these roles, Tony led significant change initiatives and was responsible for  building business improvement capacity.

 In 2014 Tony founded  Positive Deviant LTD, a bespoke organisational development consultancy. Positive Deviant Ltd uses the principles of ‘positive deviance’ to help organisations and individuals become outstanding amongst their peers using what he calls the 3 M’s:  Meaning, Management and Measurement. He prides himself on being able to release energy in his clients by working in ways that are highly engaging and embed learning.

Tony holds an NTL Certificate in Organisational Development & Behavioural Sciences and is a member of the Project Management Institute. He is a founding member of the BAME Rendezvous, a network which supports BAME professionals working in Organisation Development.  In addition, Tony is a keen practitioner of the principles of motivation theory.  In support of this work, Tony is accredited in the use of Motivational MapsTM.

Our MIssion

Positive Deviant Ltd is an organisational development consultancy that partners with its clients to achieve measurable improvements in business performance

What we do

We specialize in building capacity of organisations to ensure that strategy gets implemented and great ideas happen

How we do it

We provide change management and performance coaching services

Our Philosophy

We support organisational  change in innovative ways that are guided by the highly impactful principles of Positive Deviance


70% of change initiatives fail because of lack of engagement. We consistently help organisations lead change more effectively by helping them develop an Organisational development mind set


The gap between strategy and implementation needs closing. We build the capacity of organisations to make GREAT ideas happen with an accessible, easy to use project management methodology

Continuous Improvement

By developing a continuous improvement mind set in organisations we help them become more efficient and geared to evolve as the environment around them changes

The approach

that gives more

By helping organisations get clear on strategic direction, building the capacity to manage and motivate, we set them on a path leading to greater performance, productivity and profitability in a sustainable way

Finding the positive deviants

Our interventions always begin with diagnosis. Part of the diagnosis phase involves looking out for the people in your business who are already living the desired change and using them as a template for building success for the rest of the organisation.

Leaving an improvement culture

Wherever we go leave a continuous improvement culture, engaging with teams and setting them up for sustainable success.

Co-creating and delivery of solutions

Free up your key talent to help diagnosing, defining, designing, delivering, diffusing.

Liberating you and your teams

We want to liberate you and your team from the ‘norm’ by exposing you to some powerful new ways of working. Our success is measured by the extent to which your people apply their new capabilities to delivering sustainable performance long after we are gone.

Challenging the norm to drive performance

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